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Natural Healing Solutions

SCENAR: Just one of the cutting edge treatments in Roger’s toolbox

I am still working

Roger T/A Natural Healing Solutions is available for work, treating people as a Human Practitioner. I am fully insured for this work. Please contact me using my contact details provided for all work or product enquiries.

Contact details

Mobile/text: 07866 687296
Please leave a brief message.
Due to spam calls I only pick up to names I recognise. I will get back to you!

Main website down

Unfortunately, due to Siteground no longer supporting the php version my original website was built on, and not being upgradable, my previous website has been banished to the archives. For those who want to read more about what I do, I have linked to it below.

NEW Online Store

The Natural Healing Solutions online store has been revamped and improved!

If you were a registered customer in the old store, you will need to re-register for the new one which looks very similar, but is arranged much more logically. You can access it via the not-so-subtle green button below!

Click through here

Old website

I have found online archives of my old website where there is more information.

It isn’t as pretty as it was, but all the old information is there and the internal links work. External links and downloads don’t work as they used to.

About Roger

Hello! My name is Roger Meacock. I have been a qualified and insured Human Practitioner for the last 20+ years.

I first started exploring and specialising in Complementary and Alternative techniques in about 1996. I was one of the first human practitioners trained to use Scenar, starting in early 1998, and then eLybra Bioresonance in 2001.

In 2022, I became an official representative for the Institute of Linguistics, and started offering Wave Genetics to the world.

To read testimonials I have received for treating people please click here

Holistic Treatments and assessments



Self-Controlling Energy Neuro-Adaptive Regulation

“Scenar is like the most sophisticated TENS unit imaginable with a brain and an IQ of 5000! It is the best healing device available, bar none.”

It measures specific skin parameters to find areas associated with internal pathology. Using microcurrent stimulation combined with a sophisticated biofeedback, Scenar treats each placement as a unique event in real time. It continuously responds to changes in the measured parameters to gently, but effectively trigger the body’s innate healing for a fast, strong and long-lasting result. The body will heal significantly faster and with a better-quality result, because the body repair uses the original tissue type instead of scar tissue. This means the risk of injury recurrence is significantly reduced.

Here is a video/audio about Scenar that is made from an extract from a much longer talk that I presented to the Radionics Association AGM in 2014.


eLybra bioresonance checks the energy signatures of over 272,000 different remedies against the individual’s energy field requirements according to symptoms and the desired treatment outcome to produce a bespoke personalised complex remedy at multiple homeopathic potencies.

It can also be used to construct and generate universal remedies for different common conditions formulated by Roger based on his research, client feedback and 20+ years experience of working with this technology.

Wave Genetics

Professor Peter Gariaev was nominated for a Nobel Prize for developing Wave Genetics.

By listening to the personal sound file generated from of our early DNA information, from natural healing products, and/or healthy organs, healing information is received that enables the body to restore and regain its best health and function.

To find out more find out more about Wave Genetics click on the logo (left) or here