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Natural Healing Solutions

SCENAR: Just one of the cutting edge treatments in Roger’s toolbox

Main website down

Unfortunately due to Siteground no longer supporting the php version my original website was built on, it is no longer visible until I can find a way round that

I am still working

Roger as Natural Healing Solutions is still available for work, treating animals as a Vet, and people as a Human Practitioner. I am fully insured for both. Please contact me using the contact details on the right for all work or product enquiries.

Contact details

Mobile/text: 07866 687296
Please leave a brief message.
Due to spam calls I only pick up to names I recognise. I will get back to you!

The Natural Healing Solutions online store is still fully functional. You can access it via the button on the right.

About Roger

Hello! My name is Roger Meacock BVSc MRCVS. I have been a fully qualified Veterinary Surgeon for nearly 30 years, the last 20 years of which I have specialised in treating the cases many other vets give up on within my International Referral and Second Opinion practice.

I also treat people as a Human Practitioner.

I first started specialising in Complementary and Alternative techniques beginning with magnotherapy in about 1996, followed by Scenar from early 1998, and then eLybra Bioresonance in 2001. In 2022 I added in Wave Genetics.

Treatments and Diagnostics



Scenar measures specific skin parameters to find areas of pathology. Using a physiological microcurrent stimulation combined with a sophisticated biofeedback, Scenar treats each placement as a unique event in real time, responding to changes in the measured parameters to trigger the body’s innate healing for a strong and long lasting result.


eLybra bioresonance checks the energy signatures of over 300,000 different remedies against the individual’s energy field requirements according to symptoms and desired treatment directions to produce a bespoke personalised complex remedy at multiple homeopathic potencies.

It can be also be used to generate universal formulae for different conditions based on Roger’s research and 20+ yrs experience of working with this technology.

Wave Genetics

An individual’s blue-print information is stored in the quantum field level of the DNA.  Any photograph is entangled with this quantum DNA information of the subjects at the time the photograph was taken.  This information can be accessed and retrieved using special laser equipment.  Once collected, it is converted and then contained within a Matrix (sound file). By listening to the personal Matrix sound file made using a puppy/foal/kitten etc photo, the current DNA expression changes to align with the information from the youthful healthy state. This brings the past healthier state into the present. Similarly, by listening to the sound file of the DNA of natural healing products, or healthy organs, their healing instructions are received.

To find out more find out more about Wave Genetics click on the logo (left) or here

North Devon/SW Clinic

I am currently exploring the potential to offer treatments for people and dogs at the Naked Dog Centre on the outskirts of Barnstaple. If this would be of interest and/or you need treatment now, then please get in contact via email or phone and we can set something up.